Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Below are garments that used awesome prints.

The first two is by designer boutique*layceeloo. The pants in the first pic is made with Michael Miller fabric from his Ginger Blossom's line. I can't identify the second print, but LOVE the apples print. Both garments are very chic and has a bit of retro feel to them. I can see these garments worn to schools, vacations, parties, and just about everywhere.

Don't let both get away, the second garment will only be recreated once and you'll receive FREE shipping. Start bidding on them here:*layceeloo

The third garment is by designer hautetottiesboutique. The appliques are amazing, but also try to take a peek on the doggie fabric used underneath. The print is super cute and the silhouette is very girly. The boutique bow is included, so you'll have a complete ensemble.

Get yours custom made here:


Karin said...

Wunderschöne Auktionen mit so schönen Kleidern.

Liebe grüße Karin

Ning said...

Danke Karin, Ich glaube schon aussie.

Karin, Wo wohnen Sie in Deutschland? Mein bruder ist in Euskirchen, er ist ein au pair dort.