Friday, January 30, 2009


My co-leader from Haute Couture For Kids group, Cassandra (thank you Cassandra :) ), gave me a link of video recording of CPSC meeting with top leaders from apparel and footwear industry.

The meeting was attended by Nancy Nord, the acting chairman of USCPSC and reps from top industry leaders, including Wal-Mart, JCPenney, The Children’s Place, Coats & Clark, etc.

The meeting discussed the new CPSIA law for children items made for children ages 12 and below. Of course as a lot of you may know already, this new law is so vague and poorly written. From what I heard few weeks ago, they will only exempt unbleached, undyed, untreated natural cotton. So what is that, cotton balls?

From what I gathered from this meeting was that textiles should be exempted from the new law that will go into effect on Feb. 10th, 2009.

These big chains have done numerous costly testing both wet chemistry and XRF testing (I hope I spelled it correctly), which it is in the millions of dollars, for thousands of textile items, and they all found the same results. And the result is that no lead trace found in textiles. These results covered both treated and untreated natural fabrics such as cotton, wools, and silks, and synthetic fibers such as polyesters, nylons, acrylics, etc.

One of the reasons why they can’t find lead trace in textiles is because lead is never used in textile manufacturing, both in the dying process as a mordant and in treatments. Lead is not an effective mordant, it did a poor job in color fasting the textiles. Thus it is never used in the first place.

Prof. Kim Browning from Catawba Valley Community College even did her own experiments by deliberately soaking some textiles in lead solutions, and rinse it only once instead twice just like the industry’s standard. She then tested the textiles and still barely found any lead amount.

While the textiles should be exempted, they think that more components in apparel still should be 3rd party tested for lead. Those components include zipper pulls, plastic buttons, grommets, snaps, screen prints, rhinestones, etc, because the unpredictable and various amount of lead trace were still found.

So what are textiles anyway? According to my encyclopedia here at home, textile has traditionally meant a woven fabric. The term comes from the Latin word texere, meaning to weave. But today, all other types of fabrics are also considered textiles. They include knitted goods, felts, laces, nets, and braids. The textiles industry also refers to the fibers and yarns that are used in the making fabrics as textiles.

So I hope the CPSC will recognize this and exempt textiles because product of textiles is safe. And if they do, it means good news for micro producers, crafters, and designers of custom boutique items, because it is a fact that 70-75% of handmade products in the US is made of fibers.

And for those who want to see the video recording of this meeting, just go here:

The video is over than an hour long, but it very informative and give us a little hope. That way we don't have to wear apparel made out of cotton balls after all, lol.

Friday, January 23, 2009

HC Design Challenge Winner

HC held a design challenge not too long ago, and we challenged members to create something using zippers and buttons and the color red. We had wonderful entries and the winner of the challenge is designer meandmygirlsboutique615, congratulations!

This designer created something truly unique. Take a look at how she used the buttons for the eyes and zipper for the mouth, and some teeth peeking out of the zipper, how cute and clever is that! Not to mention the flawless applique. Oh, every boys would LOVE to own this set.

For more info about this super creative designer just click here, and don't hesitate to contact her if you want her to design you something unique:

Thursday, January 22, 2009

HC Editor's Picks

I adore this garment by designer silly*jilly. The creative designer used the Andalucia fabric line from Patty Young. Very bright, fresh, and funky, and take a closer look at the details.

She created several pieces that can be mixed and matched, from cuffed capris, peasant top, ribbon corset top and pants, and they will be custom made from size 2T up to 6. My advice is to get them all. This design is FANTABULOUS!

Just click here to check this design out and to see her other items:*jilly

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

HC Featured Auctions

Here are some of Haute Couture For Kids FAB listings by our members.

Friday, January 16, 2009

BLOG Giveaway

Just leave your comments in this post, and one lucky winner will be randomly chosen to receive one pair of these clippies. Contest will be closed in January 30th. Good luck :)

Lead-Free and Guaranteed Exemption

Just wanna share the item I made that is guaranteed lead-free and covered in the exemption, YAY! Sorry for the sarcasm, I'm just so sick of this new very vague and poorly written CPSIA law.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

HC What They Wear

Haute Couture For Kids has a group on flickr where people can submit pictures of their kids wearing boutique clothing. That way it will give our designers ideas of what's the hottest trend and what style do people actually like and wear.

So if you think your children is a fashionistas and wearing the hottest fashion, post the pics away here:

Non-professional and non-modeling pics is encouraged, we love those candid shots to see what kids really wear daily. We will select some of the bests and post it in our blog.

Here are just some of the members who posted their pics.

How cute are those bloomers and headband posted by member MAYJAYG. And if you look closely, there's a writing "My 1st Chritmas" embroidered on the back of the bloomers, so cute!

I also adore this pink plaid coat, matched with pink hat. So girlie and chic. This is posted by flickr member plot19.

Another cute pic is posted by member kimberlyclair79. Very fresh apple green tutu is complimented by the deep rich red satin ribbon, darling! And how ADORABLE is this little guy! Take a look at his deco jeans and the cute puppy hat. This is posted by flickr member katiesmama 04.

And last but not least is by member violetta-textiles. How chic is this shirt worn by the cute boy. I've always wondered if I could use polkadots in boy's clothing without making it too girlie, and now I know the answer. This shirt is not girlie at all, it is very boy but still have some fun elements to it.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Too Cute to Pass

Friday, January 9, 2009

HC Featured Auctions

Here are this week's featured auctions. If you see something you like and the bidding has ended for that item, please do not hesitate to contact the designer, I'm sure they can always make a special custom order just for you, that's one of the beauties of custom.

Go get custom items before the new CPSIA law goes into effect on Feb. 10th!

For more Haute Couture For Kids' auctions, just click this link:

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Editor's Picks

I'm sure that most of you now know about the new lead testing law that will go into effect this February. I am not going to discuss it here since it has been covered by thousands of websites and by more knowledgeable people.

So I'm just going to make the best out of the few weeks we have by featuring wonderful custom made items that soon to be extinct. I hope the government will make revision on this law so that all of us can still enjoy superior quality custom made items.

I'm going to open this year with 2009's first editor's picks. This one is from designer wifeandmotherofpilots. This 2 Pc Damask Valentines set consists of tee appliqu├ęd with a large heart in a pink and red dainty damask Michael Miller fabric and deco jeans with various sizes of hearts in pink and red minky fabric, red/pink dainty damask, red/pink polka dot and pink and white polka dot. It can be made long or short sleeved, and will be custom made from size 5-10.




Perfect for Valentine's day, get yours here: