Thursday, January 15, 2009

HC What They Wear

Haute Couture For Kids has a group on flickr where people can submit pictures of their kids wearing boutique clothing. That way it will give our designers ideas of what's the hottest trend and what style do people actually like and wear.

So if you think your children is a fashionistas and wearing the hottest fashion, post the pics away here:

Non-professional and non-modeling pics is encouraged, we love those candid shots to see what kids really wear daily. We will select some of the bests and post it in our blog.

Here are just some of the members who posted their pics.

How cute are those bloomers and headband posted by member MAYJAYG. And if you look closely, there's a writing "My 1st Chritmas" embroidered on the back of the bloomers, so cute!

I also adore this pink plaid coat, matched with pink hat. So girlie and chic. This is posted by flickr member plot19.

Another cute pic is posted by member kimberlyclair79. Very fresh apple green tutu is complimented by the deep rich red satin ribbon, darling! And how ADORABLE is this little guy! Take a look at his deco jeans and the cute puppy hat. This is posted by flickr member katiesmama 04.

And last but not least is by member violetta-textiles. How chic is this shirt worn by the cute boy. I've always wondered if I could use polkadots in boy's clothing without making it too girlie, and now I know the answer. This shirt is not girlie at all, it is very boy but still have some fun elements to it.

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