Monday, September 29, 2008

China Fashion Week in Beijing

O.K, excuse my ignorance, I really didn't know there's a China Fashion Week. Just found these the other day, and these images are from 10th China Fashion Week in Beijing, 23 March 2007. I think they are so adorable.

Photo Enhancing and Editing

I am auctioning a photo enhancing / editing service. I'm trying to raise fund to pay for the shipping to mail the prizes to 6 winners in our October designing contest.

I listed 7 auctions for that, but I received several emails asking for me to list more with Buy it Now options. So I decided to list a couple of more with BIN options.

Here's the link to the auctions:*gabrielle*couture_W0QQ_fromZR46?_nkw=HC+Boutique&_sacat=0&_fromfsb=&_trksid=m270.l1313&_odkw=&_osacat=0

It's perfect for pics of your children, holidays, products, landscapes, etc. You can use the pics for your auctions, greeting cards and many more.

Here are the before and after of some of beautiful HC models who submitted their pics to be enhanced / edited.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Mad For Plaid

Haute Couture For Kids challenged its members to make something out of plaid. And I am really impressed with the results.

Here are the designers who submitted their designs for this challenge.








Wednesday, September 24, 2008

2009 Fashion Forecast

2009 summer trends are more timeless.

Dresses for the coming summer 2009 are to be in light cotton batiste and silks for girls and poplin-based materials for boys in more sober styles, said fashion experts. Material quality and cut will be key to the summer season.

A trend called "treasures of the sea" aims to balance function and looks, using materials such as linen, serge, cotton and seersucker, with simple graphic design. Blouses and tops are combined with long pirate trousers.

Sports and swimming wear for toddlers and older kids will aim at comfort, combined with bright, clean colours and printed fabrics in sky blue nuances, according to some buyers.

(Taken from

A lot of reputable sources also mentioned that more eco-friendly products are going to be big in 2009.


This time I'd like to put together a couple of looks from HC designers' listings. I know that an ensemble doesn't have to be matchy matchy, but these are just too cute.

The first look is a set by designer silly*jilly. This cute winter outfit includes a reversible Euro style Anna wrap dress, euro hoodie, and double ruffle blue polka dot pants.

Pair this set with some bows from designer lilbellebowtique. The color pallete just matches perfectly. So when you get the garment don't forget to grab a couple of these bows too.

Click here to get the garment:

And click here to get the bows:

The second look starts with a set by designer lli_boutique. This 3 pc set includes a peasant top, a pair of wide-legged pants, and plaid sash. This outfit is part of HC "mad for plaid" challenge.

Pair the garment with this Crochet baby beanie hat by designer littlemissdesireev. Crochet hat is making a comeback, and it's really hot right now. This particular hat was made for size 3m, but I'm sure the designer would be able to make you the size you want if you contact her.

Click here to get the garment:

And click here to get the hat:

Stay tuned, more ensembles will be put together soon with different designers.

$700 Billion Bank Bailout

I hate politics and I hate doing this here. But I have enough of this economy. People can't afford to pay their mortgages, can't afford to buy food, can't afford to buy gas, and they get laid off by the minute.

I am outraged of this administration's plan to spend $700 BILLION to "rescue" US financial sector. And who's going to pay for that? It's us the taxpayers. And where is this money going to go? To the same institutions that cause this mess in the first place, those people who live in million of dollars mansions and have gazzillion dollars in their bank account.

If we have to pay for it anyway, why don't the government just give each household $1 million? It will solve A LOT of our problems and we will definitely feel the effect right away. I think it's WAY EFFECTIVE, it will stimulate the economy right away. People will pay off their debts, their mortgages, will be able to buy food (it's a fact that more and more middle class families go to the food bank because they can't afford to buy food), will be able to pay for medicines, will be able to send their kids to colleges, will be able to open businesses, and they will not have to worry about the gas prices and retirement for a while, and maybe they can finally afford to get environmentally friendly cars, houses, etc.

The US people have done a lot for their government, maybe it's time for the government to do something for them. Please somebody just start a petition for this or just send tons of emails to the white house or just to anyone.

Sorry for ranting and thank you for listening (or reading). I'm just so tired of this economy.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

What is eco-fashion?

Eco-fashion is about making clothes that take into account the environment, the health of consumers and the working conditions of people in the fashion industry.

Eco-fashion clothes:
- are made using organic raw materials, such as cotton grown without pesticides and silk made by worms fed on organic trees
- dont involve the use of harmful chemicals and bleaches to colour fabrics
- are often made from recycled and reused textiles. High-quality garments can be made from second-hand clothes and even recycled plastic bottles
- are made to last, so that people keep them for longer
- come from fair trade - the people who make them are paid a fair price and have decent working conditions.

With the eco-fashion industry still in its infancy, the main responsibility at the moment lies with clothes manufacturers and fashion designers, who need to start using sustainable materials and processes.

(Taken from

Sources for eco-friendly fabrics and notions:

I'm sure that you can find more sources by doing a search on the internet.

One of the choices is to buy undyed fabric and use dyes derived from plants. People have been doing this for thousands of years. Most plant parts have a mixture of pigments, which is why dyes made from plants tend to appear more subtle and muted—less "pure"—than synthetic dyes. These "earth tones" in plant dyes intrigue many hobby and craft dyers, because the rich hues of mother nature all seem to "go together."

These are just some of the plants that can be used to produce some dyes. Red cabbage, berries, aster, calendula, chamomile, dandelion, golden marguerite, marigolds, zinnias, tomatoes, alder, mint, parsley, birch, and so much more. Do some online search or go to the library to find more plants that can produce dyes. If you're not a gardener like me, I am always freaked out when I see worms lol, grocery stores, farmers market, and nurseries are great places to find your plant sources.

To prepare your dye bath, bring water to a boil in a pot large enough to allow fabric or fiber to move freely, allowing plants to simmer for an hour or more; most plants need to steep in water before fabric is added, and the longer they soak, the greater the intensity of the dye.

Next, add your fabrics or yarn, maintaining the bath on low-medium heat. When simmering fiber in a dye bath, the vividness of each plant hue will vary, so experiment with small sections first. The longer the fiber remains in the bath, the more intense the hue. Keep in mind, however, that fabric or yarn will lighten after it is rinsed.

Mordants are adhesive compounds that fix plant dyes to fibers and can be added to the dye bath, or a separate bath, before or after dyeing. Chemical mordants, such as ammonium hydroxide and chrome, are caustic and can cause skin and respiratory-tract irritation. Chrome is toxic to kidneys and a potential human carcinogen, and chrome-based mordant baths must be treated as household hazardous waste. Non-chemical mordants, such as rhubarb leaves, staghorn sumac (as opposed to poison sumac) leaves and oak galls, work just as well, but these can also be harmful. Rhubarb leaves, a natural source for the chemical mordant oxalic acid, are poisonous if consumed in large quantities, so keep these away from children and pets. Alum and urea are safer chemical mordants, but take care in handling alum as it can cause skin irritation.

For non-gardeners, the following companies sell mordants and ready-made dyes made from plant, root, berry and vegetable extracts. Do remember that all powder dyes, no matter what the source, can be potentially irritating if inhaled, so wear a dust mask when working with them.

Dye Supplies
For non-gardeners, the following companies sell mordants and ready-made dyes made from plant, root, berry and vegetable extracts. Do remember that all powder dyes, no matter what the source, can be potentially irritating if inhaled, so wear a dust mask when working with them.

*Prairie Fibers ($1.25 and up;, 515-232-0912)
*The Woolery (dyes from $2.00 and dye kits from $29.95;, 800-441-9665)
*Earth Hues Natural Dye Extracts ($12-$40;, 206-789-1065)

*Natural Dyes International (, 505-751-1596)
*Dyes from American Native Plants (Timber Press, 2005, $29.95)

(Partially taken from:

I am so looking forward to try this method to dye fabrics. If anyone would like to try this one too, feel free to let me know the result.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Freespirit Fabrics

The rumor has it that 2009 fashion will be dominated with prints.

So I found some beautiful prints from Freespirit fabrics. Looking forward to try them. Now if I could find which stores carry these.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Oscar de la Renta

I know this has nothing to do with children's fashion, but I just want to share one of my favorite designers' bio. He's Oscar de la Renta. I've always LOVE his design, so chic, so french, and so couture. He inspires me a lot so I hope he can inspire you too.

Oscar de la Renta (born July 22, 1932) is an American fashion designer whose often Latin-flavored work has dominated and influenced the fashion world since the 1970s.

De la Renta was born in the Dominican Republic, son of a Puerto Rican father and a Dominican mother. His original surname is commonly rumored to have been Renta, though there does not appear to be any evidence to support this. At the age of 18, he moved to Madrid, Spain, where he studied painting at the Academy Of San Fernando. He began to show an interest in fashion, however, and soon found work as a sketcher with some of Spain's top fashion houses. A little later, he took a designing class with one of Europe's top couturiers, Cristobal Balenciaga. He later moved to Paris, where he joined Antonio Castillo as a couture assistant.

In 1963, de la Renta relocated to New York, where he worked for Elizabeth Arden. It provided him with the experience which he would later need to launch his own clothing lines and perfumes.

In 1965, he left Elizabeth Arden and went to work for Jane Derby Ltd., an American fashion company in business since the 1930s. The labels of the clothes read "Oscar de la Renta for Jane Derby." After Derby's death in 1969, de la Renta took over the company and renamed it Oscar de la Renta.

Apart from the signature Oscar de la Renta products, he has launched the Pink Label products and has ventured into the world of women's accessories, men's clothing, sportswear and perfumes. He also produces, with an American manufacturer Century Furniture, a collection of home furnishings based on antiques and other items that furnish his houses in Connecticut, New York City, and the Dominican Republic.

In 1967, he became the third husband of Fran├žoise de Langlade (1931-1983), an editor in chief of French Vogue. She died of cancer.

In 1989, the designer married the former Anne France Engelhard (1940-), the former wife of New York banker Samuel Pryor Reed and the adopted stepdaughter of American minerals industrialist Charles W. Engelhard Jr.

De la Renta has stepchildren from both marriages; he also has an adopted son, Moises de la Renta.

(Bio is from

One of his 2009 Spring Ready to Wear Collections.

Oscar de La Renta

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Paperwings Children Clothing

I LOVE this line of children clothing. Very beautiful, whimsical, and loaded with details. It's very inspiring too for us designers.

Very smart layerings, beautifully done! The set consists of denim overcoat, long sleeve tee, rosette dress and leggings.

Check out the construction of the skirt. Isn't it just the prettiest skirt you've ever seen? It wowed buyers and makes designers say "hmmm, how did they make that?" The cardigan with hoodie is also FAB!

I LOVE this skirt too. And of course the appliques on the cape.

Another gorgeous skirt with ruffles details. I'm not a big fan of velvet, but I LOVE the use of the velvet and the color combo too in this one.

And check out the detailing in these pants!

Clothes Kids Love

Can you tell from these kids' faces how happy they feel wearing these clothes?

The first one is from designer boutique*layceeloo. This super versatile set features Michael Miller's fabrics. Beautifully mixed and matched and designed, and very nicely executed.

Will only be recreated one time, so don't let this one get away:

The second set is by designer queen*bree*designs. This is another versatile garment. The fabrics feature Olivia Pig character, which I'm sure most kids LOVE it. Pair it with leg warmers, long-sleeve tee, a scarf, and you're ready for cooler weather.

Start bidding on this unique set here:

And the third garment is from designer caramiababy_boutique. My son LOVE cars, and I'm sure a lot of boys can relate to that. This overall is perfect for Cars fans. You can even have your kid's name embroidered on it.Wow, talking about custom made!

Perfect for everyday wear, school, and even for those who are planning to visit Disneyland. Go and bid on this set here:

Ready, Get Set, Go Shop!

O.K everyone, as I told you few days ago that Vincent Shoes will give Haute Couture For Kids' members a special discount code. This code is exclusively for us.

And the code is:

It is 25% OFF and valid from today and through this Sunday, 9/21/2008.

It is good for all products available at, except items already reduced and in their Closeout Cubby (

Here are some of my favorites from their collections:

Don't forget to take advantage of their free UPS Ground shipping on orders of $75 and more.

Enjoy the coupon and happy shopping everyone! ;)

Monday, September 15, 2008

Uber Chic

How chic are these designs! I finally found the 2 designers I was looking for few days ago and I add one more designer in this time's feature.

The first one is designer silly*jilly. This designer really thought about what photographers need, and she combined it with her sense of style, and the result is super chic and pretty camera straps.

Don't just get one, get one in every color here:

Our second designer is the_posh_piggy_couture. She created this Euro Wrap dress. I LOVE how well detailed this garment is. The appliques really tell a story, add some textures on the dress, and of course all the hard work that goes in to it really shows. And the result is pretty, sweet, and of course super chic.

Don't let this one of a kind garment slip away, you won't find this anywhere else but here:

Last but not least is designer bklyndoll. I LOVE the color combo, brown and pink, it remind me a very sweet bon-bons, and who doesn't love bon-bons! The silhouette is simple, very classic but yet still has a lot of oomph and yes very chic. This is the type of dress you want to hand down from generation to generation. And it's perfecty to attend birthdays, weddings, Christmas parties and more.

Go and custom made this garment to your size here: