Monday, September 15, 2008

Uber Chic

How chic are these designs! I finally found the 2 designers I was looking for few days ago and I add one more designer in this time's feature.

The first one is designer silly*jilly. This designer really thought about what photographers need, and she combined it with her sense of style, and the result is super chic and pretty camera straps.

Don't just get one, get one in every color here:

Our second designer is the_posh_piggy_couture. She created this Euro Wrap dress. I LOVE how well detailed this garment is. The appliques really tell a story, add some textures on the dress, and of course all the hard work that goes in to it really shows. And the result is pretty, sweet, and of course super chic.

Don't let this one of a kind garment slip away, you won't find this anywhere else but here:

Last but not least is designer bklyndoll. I LOVE the color combo, brown and pink, it remind me a very sweet bon-bons, and who doesn't love bon-bons! The silhouette is simple, very classic but yet still has a lot of oomph and yes very chic. This is the type of dress you want to hand down from generation to generation. And it's perfecty to attend birthdays, weddings, Christmas parties and more.

Go and custom made this garment to your size here:

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Posh Piggy Couture said...

What an honor! Thanks so much for the feature Ning!!!
Leigh Ann
(posh piggy couture)