Thursday, October 16, 2008

First Donation for Bandana/Hat Drive Arrived

I am very pleased to find a box outside the door today. It is our first donation for HC Bandana/Hat Drive. It came from Amy Butler Fabric. And I was very surprised when I opened the box, it's not only that the prints are strikingly gorgeous, which I'm sure will help to cheer up these children, but also the amount was really more than I expected, they are very generous. I think this drive is going to be bigger than I thought, because I still have one more fabric donation from Westminster Fibers Inc coming in.

So I think I might need few volunteers to sew these once the box from Westminster arrives. I will organize a small group consisting of a few designers/seamstress. And we will have two teams. First team will be a bandana team. Second team will be headband/bowband team, they will sew fabrics that are too small for bandana (because I don't want any fabrics go to waste) and make them into headbands or bowbands.

I will list a custom outfit on ebay to raise money to pay for shipping back and forth to our volunteers.

I will open a new thread in our forum for people to sign up for this volunteer job. I hope we'll get quite a turn out.

I have to say that this is very heartwarming, knowing that I can rely on big companies and our members to do this drive. Thank you so much everyone. If this one went well, which I'm sure it will be, I will start another drive early next year. And I expect it's going to be a bigger one.

Here's the pic of the fabrics I received today.

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