Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Haute Couture For Kids: What They Wear!

HC opened a new group in Flickr called Haute Couture For Kids: What They Wear!

This group is opened so that people can submit pictures of their kids wearing boutique clothing. That way it will give our designers ideas of what's the hottest trend and what style do people actually like and wear.

So if you think your children is a fashionistas and wearing the hottest fashion, post the pics away in our Flickr group. We will select some of the bests and post it in our blog. We prefer non-professional pics. We'd like to see what children wear when they go to school, mall, etc.

Here's one of them from Constanta, Romania. LOVE the coat! It is so cute and fun.

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marrya said...

Very nice. Bravo Irina:)