Monday, February 7, 2011

HC Designer Feature

This time we are featuring Bonnie Colleen, the designer behind BonEful designs. This talented designer creates so many designs that are very cute and loaded with beautiful vibrant colors. Check out more of about her and her designs here:*llc*boutique

Designers, would you like to be featured? Just add "HC Boutique" to your Ebay or Etsy listing's titles.


S.Allen said...
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Anonymous said...

One December, 15, 2011, I had the misfortune of contacting Bonnie Evenhouse of BonEful Boutiques LLC. Please keep reading.

I contacted her this evening to inquire about some fabric she had for sale on her eBay shop. The listing stated that the fabric was not sold by the yard. HOWEVER, the listing stated:

"Sold by the FQ 18X22" or continuous cut w/ quantity ordered. Purchase of 4 Quantity = 1 Continuous Yard, 8 Quantity = 2 Continuous Yards, etc. 100% Cotton Fabric, up to 45" Wide."

One would assume that continuous cut would mean that I would get 1 yard of fabric, but I wasn't going to assume that. (A little further down in the listing it says "Purchases will be in a continuous cut, new off the bolt, if possible."- isn't that a confusing!)

So, I emailed her to inquire whether that would be four fat quarters that would equal 1 yard or if it would actually be 1 yard. I also asked what her BEST PRICE would be if I bought a larger quantity of fabric. Her listing included a "Make an Offer" button, so I thought that this was more than a reasonable question. I especially didn't want to insult her by offering too low, as quite a few previous buyers had done as she had 4 declined offers on this listing alone.

Instead of answering the question directly, Ms. Evenhouse proceeded to tell me that she couldn't help me. That her listing was correct and (get this) she didn't not like how I was making trouble for her already.

What's worse though, is that in the wonderful world of Etsy, she's visited and made her unpleasant mark. But where Etsian's are more tolerant, she's still awful.

I still don't know whether or not I'd be getting four fat quarters or one cut by the yard. Even her feedback doesn't clearly identify whether or not I'm going to be getting fat quarts or yardage. And Ms. Evenhouse doesn't feel it necessary to clarify. Sadly, she's written me off and won't be bothered with my business.

On a final note, I think that her own words sum up this review very nicely.
Customer Satisfaction & My Ebay Business:
I find sweet delight in serving each or my customers, personally. I especially value each appreciative & supportive customer who understands this job which takes time, money & much energy. Without YOU, it would not be possible for me to run this business serving people all over the country & world from my home. I always treat others fairly & how I want to be treated, I can only hope & pray the same comes to me. If you are geared towards being difficult w/ returning, etc (wanting something for nothing) please refrain from buying here. I deal w/ customers fairly on a daily basis, never knowing anything behind a "New ID" which is a great risk we take as sellers here on ebay. Ultimately Ebay makes the rules. With this said, I do have a long list of blocked ID's & share them w/ my mutual sellers & I'm not shy about adding to that list if I find any reason at all to take action. Beyond this, my hands are tied. I do the best & God takes care of the rest!

She may claim to believe in God, but she certainly doesn't act in a Godly manner. She is quick to make judgements on others and write them off as difficult and unworthy of her time.

I hope that this review has been helpful. I believe it's important that we protect each other. If you would like to share your own story, I would be more than happy to read and share it with others.

I can be contacted at dianadoubt {@} yahoo {.} com.