Friday, January 28, 2011

Kona Cotton Fabrics

First let me inform you that I am not whatsoever affiliated with the manufacturer of Kona cotton. I'm writing this article because of I was in the quest of looking for the perfect solid cotton fabric. I was looking for a cotton fabric that has a weight to it and is not so thin, I was also looking the one that have lots of colors I can choose. After some research and asking several people, I finally found my answer, it is Kona cotton.

Several custom designers recommended Kona to me. Christina, Pam, Kim, and Francoise are some of them. They told me that they have used Kona and are pleased with the quality. A little tip from them is to hang it dry after you wash it, it helps keeping the wrinkles to a minimum.

Robert Kaufman Fabrics is the manufacturer of Kona cotton. This line of fabric offers an array of color choices, 221 to be exact. This high thread count cotton is also a broadcloth, so it doesn't wrinkle as much as regular cotton fabric, which makes it great to use both for fashion items and quilting. Another plus of Kona cotton is that it has been successfully tested for harmful substances, so it is safe for skin. The price of Kona cotton in online stores starts at $4.19/yard. So the next time you are in need of good solid cotton fabrics, give Kona a try.

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Elisabeth Hirsch said...

I'll have to try kona ;)