Sunday, December 21, 2008

HC Modeling Contest


Ok Ladies-- Time for another model challenge!

PLEASE read all of the rules carefully!

The theme for this challenge is Spring Into ACTION!

We want to see those action shots!

You are allowed to submit ONE picture per model!

These pictures MUST MUST be new! This means you need to get those cameras out and have some fun!

You will post your photo submissions here on THIS thread!

On January 3rd-- This thread will be LOCKED-- From there the prize donators will chose the top 10 and a poll will be opened~

All members of the group are encouraged to vote on the poll-- including the members who submitted pics!

On Jan 21st the polls will end and the winner will be announced!

The winner of the challenge will be dressed AND accessorized in a fashionable ensemble by:

george*gabrielle*couture and boutique*layceeloo

The winner will also be featured on the magazine cover photo in The Haute Couture for Kids BLOG!

OK ladies-- break out those cameras and have some fun! Get creative-- can't wait to see!

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