Monday, November 10, 2008

HC Modeling Contest's Winner: Kristi


I'm sure most ebay boutique community know who this beautiful model is. Kirsti is very well-known and has been modeling for quite a while, both in and outside ebay. And this talented model's last accomplishment was winning Haute Couture For Kids' modeling contest few weeks ago.

And talking about talents, this size 6 model loves doing art of any kind and involves in competitive cheer. She is very fond of the color purple, Hello Kitty, Fancy Nancy.

Her photographer mom, Karen, is now going pro after 4 years doing commercial work. She offers commercial modeling, also portraits for HS seniors, children and families, with 5-7 days turn around time for modeling shots.

This is what this Nikon D700 fan said about why she loves photography: "I love photography because it's like stopping time. When we look back years from now, only our photos & mementos will be there to remind us of this life we've lived."

Find more about this amazing model and photographer team here:

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