Monday, November 10, 2008

HC Cover: November 2008


Haute Couture For Kids just had another modleing contest a couple of months ago, and the winner received a head to toe look by our designers.

Here are the designers who donated the prizes on Haute Couture For Kids last modeling contest.

Once again HC designers somehow always manage to outdid themselves. They did an awesome job creating and co-ordinating these wonderful items. Let's review the look at the items from head to toe.

The pretty bows are made by designer lilbellebowtique, the skull prints is mixed with polkadots, it gives this "skull" ensemble a girly touch. Click this link to find out more about this designer:

The bling tee is designed by twinklingtees with ebay id *emily*allison*. The rhinestones are individually handset Swarovski crystals. It adds a touch of glamour to the skull theme. Find more infos about this designer here:*emily*allison*

The skull skirt is made by designer sweetpea*boutique04. The print on the skirt is quite busy, so the ruffled hem and the little pink ribbons on the skirt is just perfect, it's simple and doesn't make the skirt look too overworked. Click here to get to know this talented designer:*boutique04

Last but not least is a pair of boots by JRB Shoes with ebay id jrb_shoe_store. LOVE the black boots, eventhough they add that "tough" and "pirate" look to this ensemble, the boots themselves look very couture and edgy. If you dig on HC archives, you'll find 20% off coupon code that will never expire from JRB Shoes. Find more info about this designer here:

Congrats and two thumbs up for both model and designers. What an awesome ensemble and accomplishment!

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