Friday, August 8, 2008

HC Designing Contest's Winners

Haute Couture For Kids (HC) held a designing contest to celebrate our group 1 year anniversary few weeks ago. And the top 10 were chosen for our members to vote. And then we chose the top 3 who got the most votes, and here they are:

1st Place: Francoise from francoise*studio

2nd Place: Carrie from punkyfaedesigns

3rd Place: Lisa from flutterbyes*boutique

Each winner will receive 1 pattern and 3 tards of fabric. Each of you will create a garment out of this fabric, the pattern and the left over fabric you can keep. Please mark down your calender. You will have until Sept. 8th to make your garment and have it modeled, you can use whoever you want for model. And on Sept. 8th morning we will auction these garments together, the template will be provided by HC. You will donate 100% of the proceed to the children charities of your choice through ebay's giving works (ebay's mission fish).

Here are your prizes, I will send them ASAP.

I'd like to say a BIG thank you to Imagine Fabric for donating the prizes for this contest.

Leader of Haute Couture For Kids

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