Thursday, February 5, 2009

HC Editor's Picks

This week's editor's picks is a garment by HC designer sweetpea*boutique04.

I've done some appliques before, and I know and I can't imagine how many hours this talented designer spent on creating this impeccable garment. The appliques work is remarkable and just full of details. Every little girl would LOVE to have this set. I mean which girl doesn't like ponies, rainbows, and flowers? All the super cute stuff that little girls love.

She listed this beautiful garment for The Boutique Lounge Spring Launch. Do not let this unique garment get away, I've seen garments with less detailed applique than this sold for well over $300. And I have a feeling that the reserve price for this one is a lot less than that, plus you will also receive FREE shipping. So grab it here:

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