Wednesday, July 2, 2008

HC Modeling Contest Winner: Adelynn

When it comes to model and photographer mom team, these two is one of the bests out there. They produce amazing and beautiful pictures with pretty fast turn around time, between 2 - 5 days.

Ady, nickname from Adelynn, won Haute Couture For Kids modeling contest few weeks ago. The "I Love Animals" contest's theme couldn't be more perfect for this animal lover. This cute little model, who also loves to swim, really adore animals. In fact one of her favorite activities is to find "friendly" bug.

This beautiful model is fond of the color pink, blue, and purple, and her favorite characters are Tinkerbell and Hulk, yep you heard it right, Hulk! How cute is that!

Her mom, Brandi, and her husband owns a photo wedding photography business, and portraits on the side.

She offers clothing and accessory photography for designers, and also product photography for websites.

This Nikon D300 owner loves the creative side of the photography world, it is also her way to get her thoughts and ideas into the images. And the best part is she gets to stay home and spend a lot of time with her children while doing it.

If you are interested in using their service, just check out her ebay "ME" page and contact her through there. Here's the link to the page:*bitty*boutique

I guarantee you won't be disappointed, beside gorgeous pictures, Brandi also very generous with her pictures. You'll receive tons of pictures, and I love that in a photographer.

Awesome job Brandi!

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