Friday, June 6, 2008

Interview: Claude Diwan of Deux Par Deux

Claude Diwan, the owner of Deux Par Deux Children Clothing line

Haute Couture For Kids had a once in a lifetime opportunity to interview Miss Claude Diwan, we collected questions from our members and we submitted those questions to her. Haute Couture For Kids hopes that this will give our members an insight view from one of the fashion industry’s insider.

1. From Johnett - How did she get started in designing, when did you start doing it professionally, and why do you choose to design children's clothing?

Claude Diwan: Today,i am 48 years old.I started this business when i was 26 years old ,right after graduating school....Although my studies were not in designing,i always had a strong understanding in it as i grew in a family were mother, father and sister had a children wear business (very classic dresses....nothing to do with the Deux par deux look).So startng a business in this field was not a totally unknown territory

2. From Nancy - Did she intern or apprentice, when and where?

Claude Diwan: Not really.But at the same time,yes in a unformal way as I always helped my mother in her designs.

3. From Karen - Starting out, were you doing everything yourself (ie: designing, selecting fabric, sewing, finding/photgraphing models, finding wholesale/retail outlets) yourself, or did you have partners/outside help? Do you have any helpful hints for designers who are on their own?

Claude Diwan: When I decided to launch the Deux par deux......

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